About Our Company


Division of Artpac Solutions Asia Limited est. 1991.

With over 30 years of experience, we are an award-winning industry leader in factory direct manufacturing. Our global network includes headquarters in Hong Kong, China factory, and local offices in China, North America, and the UK.

Our specialty is factory direct manufacturing serving global clients since 1991. We handle it all from conceptual design to production and distribution. All products are fully certified and government compliant ensuring all aspects of product safety, compliance & quality control to its highest standards. 

Promotional products aren’t just pens, t-shirts and power banks—not for us. We aim to work with you to find and create the gift products or make a solution that is perfectly tailored for you and your customers. We specialize in custom made to order products that best represents your brand. Any product can be fully customizable – any color, size, shape, material and packaging designed to suit your requirement.

Aside from making promotional products, we put a strong emphasis on helping the world. It’s worth standing for the rights of workers, the environment and for you. It’s not just us—it’s been proven that consumers are more willing to align themselves with forward-looking, sustainable brands and we’re here to help you become one, one step at a time.


A Sustainable Project


We aim to build a sustainable ecosystem with Earth-friendly products. We are always on the lookout for eco-friendly gifting solutions, from FSC wood and paper, to biodegradable plastics, to upcycled tire bags. We are constantly on the look out to support and enhance environmental protection and foster a greater sense of responsibility for a sustainable and healthy community. Sustainability is our core value and is the primary focus in meeting our development goals. In the hopes of spreading awareness and enabling positive change, we are committed to bring together businesses with a common mission of investing in a brighter future with sustainable brands.


We don’t support unfair labour practices and do not work with any supplier that mistreats, abuses or underpays their workers. By closely monitoring our supply chain, we ensure that the workers who make our promotional products are treated fairly and paid proper wages.

This is achieved through signing our Adan Code of Conduct, which asks suppliers to ensure that their supply chain and labour practices follow proper standards. Aside from this agreement, suppliers can also show other third party validations to prove they follow fair labour practices.


The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has recognised our parent company, Artpac as a Caring Company for over five years for our commitment to social responsibility and the environment. We’re particularly involved with U-Hearts, which seeks to better the lives of impoverished students in remote areas of China through education initiatives. In addition, we’ve provided marketing and design solutions for various NGOs.

We’ve also partnered with IBM’s World Community Grid, and have contributed the spare computing power of our office to help solve some of the direst issues facing our world today, including cancer, AIDS, clean energy, hunger and Ebola.

Gifts that Give Back
Did you know…
Every promotional merchandise item your business make,

As a corporate sponsor for World Land Trust, we are truly honored to continue supporting WLT’s work through our business.

For 30 years, WLT have been working with global conversation partners to purchase and protect habitats for species.

Every Eco item you make with us supports frontline earth conversations projects making a positive impact on the environment!
Certificate of World Land Trust projects in Ecuador
World Land Trust projects in Ecuador
Proud Partner of
World Land Trust
Alongside our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment across the supply chain, we want to provide substantial help to some of the world’s most challenging environmental problems.

That’s why throughout the year, we support World Land Trust’s work to save and protect habitats for species around the world.
World Land Trust LOGO
Read more on World Land Trust

We are the people behind Adan, a diverse collective of thinkers and
doers passionate about creating great sustainable promotions.

Meet The Team Leaders

Managing Director

Donald Cheung

With over 30 years of experience in the paper and packaging industry, Donald is a visionary founder of an eco-product and creative agency. His extensive expertise in the industry has made him a trusted authority. However, it is his commitment to giving back to society for decades that truly sets him apart.

Driven by his passion for environmental sustainability, Donald has become a creative force in developing green products for major corporations and multinational companies.

As a compassionate leader, Donald has dedicated his time and resources to supporting local communities and marginalized groups. He firmly believes in creating a more inclusive society.

Through his eco-product and creative agency, Donald continues to inspire others. His belief in collaboration, creativity, and social responsibility has led to meaningful partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals.

With Donald at the helm, the future of environmental sustainability and social inclusion is brighter than ever.

Global director & Green Ambassador

Peggy Eng

An award-winning product branding specialist with over 20 years of sales, marketing, and product development experience with a specialization in Promotional Products.
Known for her creative edge in innovative and eco-conscious solutions with expertise in custom made merchandise earning her industry recognition awards for Best Eco-Friendly Products and Supplier Achievement.

Peggy collaborates closely with clients to understand their sustainability goals. With her extensive network and expertise, providing premium branding solutions rooted in sustainable values.  Her strategic approach results in sustainable product lines that resonate with environmentally conscious consumers, combining creativity with sustainability and innovative concepts.

Peggy also serves as the Global Green Ambassador representing the company in voluntary programs and charity work worldwide promoting environmentally friendly practices. Through global collaborations, she has established the Global Green Mission Program, furthering efforts toward a greener future.

Business Director
Eco Gifting and Premium Solutions
Raymond Lau

Passionate about spreading awareness and enabling positive change, Raymond continues to champion sustainable development goals developing strategies to align with sustainability principles empowering companies to make a lasting environmental impact by integrating eco-friendly values into their branding and products.

With Raymond's extensive experience in sustainable product development and dedication to driving positive change, he is eager to help achieve business goals while making a meaningful difference in the world.

Head of Design Studio

Joy Ngan

Joy firmly believes art and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. Through his innovative and visually captivating designs, Joy aims to reshape the packaging and promotional product industry and make a lasting impact on our planet. With a commitment to eco-friendly products and materials, Joy strives to create packaging and product solutions that elevate brands, engage consumers, and help build a greener and more sustainable future.

What we do?

Project Management

sourcing@adanpromo.com• Eco Sourcing
• E-Procurement
• Custom OEM Concepts
• Account Servicing
• Global Distribution

Creative & Design

graphics@adanpromo.com• Creative Direction
• Art Direction
• Graphic Design
• Packaging Design
• Virtual Proof


production@adanpromo.com• Prototype
• Security & Standard Compliance
• Quality Control


marketing@adanpromo.com• E-commerce
• W2P Packaging
• Global Product Launch & Sale

Account & Finance
HR & Admin
A collection of environmentally-conscious corporates with which we create awesome sustainable promotional products.

Our ECO Partners

Fossil as our ECO partners
Pernod Ricard as our ECO partners
SunLife as our ECO partners
Swire Properties as our ECO partners
Princess Cruises as our ECO partners
Milwaukee as our ECO partners
 MGM as our ECO partners
HILTI as our ECO partners
Bnk of America Merrill Lynch as our ECO partners
WWF as our ECO partners
Samsonite as our ECO partners
Ducati Richmond as our ECO partners
FC Barcelona as our ECO partners
Generali as our ECO partners
UBS as our ECO partners
UBS as our ECO partners
UBS as our ECO partners
UBS as our ECO partners

What Our Clients Say

" We are very pleased and satisfied with your company's performance, design creativity, service, and the sustainable products.  We treat Adan as our potential business partners, and will continue working closely with your team to develop more sustainable GWP and PKG items."

Melody Leung
Sr. Group Manager of Fossil Group

" EAST, Hong Kong cares about the environment and understands the importance of respecting our resources. In order to pursue this commitment, we worked with ADAN to create a corporate gift made from the bark of the cork, which is completely natural and sustainable for our guests."

Jennifer Cheung
General Manager of EAST,
Hong Kong

" Our partnership with Adan Promotional Concepts over these past 3 years has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. Their sponsorship of high-quality eco-friendly products – from FHK branded T-shirts and bags made out of recycled plastic bottles for our Food Bank, to a sustainably produced notebook and lunchbox for our Volunteer Annual Gathering – has not only supported our work in fighting hunger and food waste in Hong Kong in a very tangible way but has at each step resonated so closely with our environmental mission. We are truly grateful for their support! "

Mandy Ma
Office Manager,
Feeding Hong Kong

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