Extraordinary Branding Award 2021
Extraordinary Branding Award 2021
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2021 Extraordinary Branding Award Winner

Peggy Ng honored as the winning recipient of the Extraordinary Branding Award 2021 for demonstrating entrepreneur excellence and extraordinary achievement.
The award is given out as a recognition on continued pursuit of innovation to develop and promote unique concepts to advance the agenda of the Eco-conscious and Sustainability fields.

Category: Extraordinary Branding Award

21 years of Industry experience in creative edge branding and product development - and still ongoing. Looking back, I was always determined to be at the forefront introducing innovative new product creations to market.  With 17 Industry awards under my belt to date, it only encourages me to do even better with a sense of purpose.
Starting from my earlier years, my goal was to find more Green and feasible ways to develop sustainable brands.  I was already ahead of the times with the Green movement being the very first promotional products supplier in the Industry specializing in creating a diverse range of sustainable alternatives back in 2009, a pivotal year for me in which I also won the Industry award for reusable bags. The following years I continued my passion to innovate with unique developments in the Eco-conscious and Sustainability fields and continued winning various Eco-product awards. To this moment, I continue my sustainable development goals in hopes to spread awareness and enable positive changes and for the betterment of the planet.
Leaving Canada and joining ADAN in Asia allowed me to further focus on my prime mission with the Company's GREENovation brand. Working closely with manufacturers, I was able to further develop the product line, expanding it to a wide range of Eco-alternatives. The goal now is on further educating and promoting the creation of a circular economy providing end-of-life solutions to generate and give new life to recycled and upcycled products.
In an ongoing mission to bring together businesses with a common mission of investing in a brighter future with sustainable brands, my aim is to develop more strategies for companies to adjust their mindset to being a more social responsible company - as well as to inspire positive environmental impact on all Eco-orders.  As a proud partner with World Land Trust (WLT - a global environmental conservation organization), we give back to the Earth by working to save and protect land globally, and dedicating proceeds from our Eco-orders to support global conservation projects.
My continued aim is to inspire change with my passion for Eco-merchandise and an eye to a more sustainable future - and to further my commitment in promoting sustainability for the well being of not just the brand but for the world as a whole.
在創意品牌和產品開發方面擁有 21 年的行業經驗 ,只因我的熱情從未減退。回顧過去,我一直決心走在創新產品市場的最前端。迄今為止,我獲得了 17 個行業獎項,令我更加有信心邁步向前。
從早年開始,我的目標是找到更多綠色環保的方法來發展可持續品牌。在 2009 年,綠色運動是業內第一家專門提供各種可持續替代品的促銷產品供應商。這對我來說是關鍵的一年,憑著可重複使用的袋贏得了行業獎.在接下來的幾年,我通過在生態意識和可持續發展領域的獨特發展繼續我的創新熱情,並繼續贏得各種生態產品獎項。
離開加拿大並加入ADAN 使我能夠進一步專注於公司的 GREENovation 品牌主要使命。我們與製造商一路密切合作,使我能夠進一步開發產品線,將其擴展到範圍廣泛的生態替代品。現在的目標是進一步教育和促進循環經濟的創建,提供報廢解決方案,以產生回收和升級回收產品並賦予新生命。
我們的使命是將共同目標的企業與可持續品牌投資並於更美好的未來結合起來,同時為各中小大企業調整 成爲更加具有社會責任性的組織- 並啓發商界對生態環境所能帶來的影響。作為 World Land Trust(WLT - 全球環境保護組織)的驕傲合作夥伴,我們通過在全球範圍內努力拯救和保護土地,並將我們支持生態環境活動的收益用於支持全球保護環境項目來回饋地球。


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