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New & Innovative
Coffee ground

• Recycled from coffee grounds & plastic bottles
• then transform to T-Shirt.
• Naturally antibacterial with UV blocker
• Dries 200 times quicker than Cotton
• Odour & Sweat free

The production of coffee grounds T-shirt is environmentally sound, and uses less resource for its making. This process proves to be energy efficient, as it does not require high temperature carboniza­tion for manufacturing. Making of this fabric does not involve harmful materials that are generally present in the making of other yarns. Apart from making fabrics, grounded coffee can be innovatively used for making socks, soaps, luggage, shoe soles, and various other products .

The coffee grounds are processed in a low-temperature, high-pressured environ­ment to make them into yarn which is then woven into naturally high-tech fabric. The clothing that is produced from used coffee grounds has fantastic benefits, including odour control, sweat-wicking, and it dries over 200 times faster than cotton. It is also naturally anti-bacterial.

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