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Introducing the WORLD’S FIRST ECO TECH SERIES- Designing for the future, today.

Incorporating ECO RPET Materials with top selling TECH items.

We are excited to push through a global first in the Manufacturing Industry! Our extraordinary RPET Eco Tech Series represents a remarkable leap forward in responsible design and manufacturing - and reaffirms our unflinching commitment to protect the planet, while aligning seamlessly with our long-term goal of helping to transform the future of manufacturing for many other Eco-friendly products as well.

Our factory is the pioneer and Industry leader in utilizing advanced production equipment to strategically develop new inventive methods converting waste for further manufacturing use. Our Eco Tech series design focuses on optimizing

material use while eliminating waste. The final product consists of a durable casing produced from (RPET) 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles; each individual unit produced is equivalent to two (2) recycled plastic bottles. High quality recycled plastic granules are used and converted from recycled plastic bottle fibers - all certified with (GRS) Global Recycled Standards. Also, the packaging itself is produced from 100% recycled cardstock and printed with Eco soy ink, making it an alI-around innovative Eco Tech product - and the first of its kind.


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