May 2018 Beach clean up
May 2018 Beach clean up
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GREEN EVENT- Keep the sea plastic free!

Beach Clean up Lamma Island – Adan Promotional Concepts

Sunday's clean-up took place on Shek Pai Wan, near Sham Wan Beach – known as "Turtle Cove. Every year Sham Wan Beach on Lamma Island is closed to the public from June to October. so the endangered Green Sea Turtles can come ashore and lay their eggs. Sadly, the beach has become so polluted that when they finally make it, if they make it, they have to fight through a mass of marine trash and micro plastics before digging their nest. And in the sea the turtles mistake our plastic bags for jellyfish and consume them. We are responsible for our own mess and damage done to this beautiful balance called Life. Amazingly, 2000+ volunteers made it out for Sunday’s beach cleanup making it perhaps the largest in HK history. Temps in the sun hit 48°C at a scorching 9am. Honored to have been a part of this in some way and hope to see more of these initiatives in Hong Kong... and everywhere we have laid our tragic waste.


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