Our Green Code
Our Green Code
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Adan Promotional Concepts is built on the pillars of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

As fellow inhabitants of the Earth, we have the duty to do our part and protect our home.

At ADAN, we do not believe in doing bare minimum, we promote and lead sustainability and conservation with the heart. So, we have put in place 5 environmentally-friendly pillars as the core of ADAN.

1.    Efficient use of energy

At ADAN, we purchase and use sustainable products that are good for the environment. The common culture also includes turning off lights and other appliances when not in use.

2.    Minimizing waste

Waste such as paper materials is a major problem in many offices, but WE have switched to sending documents via email instead of hard copies unless there are special requests in place.

3.    Reuse and Recycle

Since WE are mainly paperless but when we do use paper, we make sure we have reused it in all possible ways before recycling them such as using both sides and then shredding them into box fillings.  

4.    Green Vendors

We love supporting and cooperating with Green Vendors, we share the same joy in promoting conservation and sustainable living!

5.    Sustainable Products

ADAN is an enthusiastic supplier of creative and sustainable products. We are FSC certified, and strongly uphold and promote the use environmentally friendly materials.

Save resources, Save Earth!


Bibi Samina

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