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We were honored to participate at the RE-THINK Sustainable Business Development EXPO

A 2-day conference uniting Hong Kong top business leaders, sustainability practitioners and those responsible for researching and resourcing new sustainable strategies.

The challenge of protecting and restoring global ecosystems becomes more and more critical each and every day. However, there is hope. And, there is ambition. We want to hand future generations a realistic chance of sharing our planet in harmony with nature. By changing the way we use resources, stabilizing the environment and improving the lives of all through collective change and shared responsibility – we have an opportunity to show what humans are really capable of, but that opportunity is precious and must not be wasted.

We took this wonderful opportunity to develop and custom produce Re-usable Face Masks for the event staff and keynote speakers. We are strongly focusing our efforts in promoting Re-usable alternatives in hopes to minimise single use items.

We believe that the best way to make our products is to focus on minimizing our environmental impact through responsible choices in material sourcing, resource consumption and waste management.

We can still stay protected and healthy with Eco conscious choices



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