Stanley Park Ecology Society (Vancouver, Canada)
Stanley Park Ecology Society (Vancouver, Canada)
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Our on-going collaboration with global organizations that demonstrates commitment to sustainability with Good Practice Stories, we are proud to announce ADAN’s involvement with Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) ‘Beaver Trails’ program to benefit from our “Give Back Scheme”.

Green Mission aims to educate about wildlife and ecology, conservation, and research, rooted in Stanley Park. Wetland explorations into the beaver habitat led to the discovery of two beaver families in the Park, one in Lost Lagoon and one in Beaver Lake!

Beavers are well known for their beneficial effects on the environment near their dams, retaining wetland water, and maintaining healthy ecosystems by raising groundwater levels. Wetlands are important ecosystems and benefit us by filtering water, mitigating flooding, and supporting many endangered species. In this way the beaver plays an essential role in the health of the ecosystems in which they live, and for us all.

SPES offers a wonderful program for participants to get involved and contribute towards their protection. Also, SPES conducts summer beaver surveys to monitor beaver populations in Stanley Park and is always looking for volunteers! More info on: www.stanleyparkecology.ca

** Human/beaver coexistence has progressed from the times of the Canadian beaver fur trade to the present day. The trade was an economic enterprise across Canada that lasted from the 16th century to the 1920s (about 250 years!) and focused on the harvesting of furs and trading across the country and to Europe, resulting in the near extinction of the North American beaver.  From conservative estimates of a 60 million population, they were hunted down to an estimated 100,000. Today, beaver populations are considered stable, taking into account the amount of human development and wetland destruction that has shrunk their habitat, and overall numbers in general.

Programs like “Beaver Tails and Otter Trails” explore the conservation of animals like beavers, which are historically persecuted species that often come into conflict with humans when their damming behavior impacts public infrastructure. While beavers were routinely removed and killed for over 80 years in Stanley Park, SPES now promote the possibility for co-existence for this species in Vancouver, and even how they are actively improving conservation issues in the Park, like retaining wetland water in increasing drought conditions.


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