United Nation's SDG Label 12 Recognition by SDG Impact Council
United Nation's SDG Label 12 Recognition by SDG Impact Council
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SDG Label 12: Responsible Consumption and Protection

We are excited to tell you that we have successfully attained the SDG 12 Label certified by the SDG Impact Council. The Label no. 12 recognizes the support ADAN have been putting in action towards Responsible Consumption and Production on top of our ESG framework in the product manufacturing process of the Greenovation product line. ADAN as a promotional gift and premium solutions provider we also work with clients to fulfill ESG goals through promoting sustainability.

The Greenovation product line which uses a variety of sustainable materials to start with, such as wood, recycled leather and RPET which is the short for recycled plastic as well as coffee grounds. This product line specializes in manufacturing sustainable products with minimal wastage from factories whom have already adopted the Global Recycle Standards (GRS). All this helps in effectively aligning with the use of environmentally friendly compostable material, waste reduction, recycling, and reusing the excess material available or generated during the production process.

Over the years, our clients have partnered with us, on one hand to convey the importance of the environmental goals and a greener lifestyle to the public. On the other hand, through this they further enhance their brand image and capture customer attention as well as become a hand in promoting sustainability. This presents a fantastic chance to lend a hand in fighting climate change and is an excellent way to show your commitment to bettering the environment by purchasing from our sustainable product line.

Support ADAN, Support Sustainability!


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