Why should businesses use Eco-friendly products?
Why should businesses use Eco-friendly products?
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Why should businesses use Eco-friendly products?

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During the time of evident climate change, eco-friendly products, green business approaches and environmental sustainability have become hot topics around the world. Businesses are often hesitant in going green and in replacing conventional products with eco-friendly ones as the transition cost is deemed high, and such ideas therefore usually lead to heated debates. In this blog post, we will try to touch on some proven ways that eco-friendly products benefit businesses and why they are worth it. 

1. High Customer Demand for Eco-products

Various researches have proven that customers when given the option between convention product and environmentally friendly product of the same category, will often be willing to pay more for the latter. Research states that over 70% of millennial respondents are actively switching to sustainable products.[1] This switch in customer purchasing habits will benefit businesses that promote eco-friendly and sustainable products.


2. Overall Cost Reduction

General Green approaches in office such as going digital, reducing paper wastage and reusing materials is successful in reducing material managing and processing costs. But eco-friendly products such as LED light bulbs brings even more benefits. Switching to eco-friendly LED light bulbs is a wise move because not only are they more energy efficient but also have longer life span than conventional bulbs, therefore can help businesses save a lot of money in the long run.[2]

3. Increase Goodwill

As mentioned earlier, millennials are growing more concerned about the environment and are more supportive of brands that have an active sustainability plan. This not only gives sustainable businesses a branding opportunity but to also build creditability with the customers. Surveys have shown that around 70% of the respondents think that it is crucial for businesses to place more importance on environmental factors other than the monetary threshold they gain when using conventional resources.[3] Therefore also creates a competitive edge and increase customer loyalty for environmentally responsible businesses in the industry.

4. Saving the Planet

Along with the above benefits, the most important reason for businesses to use and promote green products is none other than because it helps our Planet. When businesses adopt an eco-friendly business strategy it extensively reduces the number of carbon footprints emitted, therefore as mentioned previously not only is it good for the business but also makes a vast difference in the health of the Earth. With that, a cleaner and healthier Earth could be retained for the generations to come.


With the benefits stated above, it is time for you to switch to Green too!


It is easy being Eco-friendly and Sustainable with ADAN!



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