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Custom Corporate Gift Set - HILTI

Includes Custom Shape LEGO minifigure, LEGO Card/Phone Holder, Custom Shaped pen, USB Drive and Power Bank. Hilti is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of specialised tools. When they approached us looking for a premium, branded gifting solution, we were excited to help them create a unique set of products that represented their brand in the best light possible. Centring on the concepts of tools and hardware, we created a set of items that represented ruggedness and versatility but at the same time quality and luxury. From a toolbox power bank to a custom LEGO business card holder, we went to great lengths to make sure that what we provided was a true extension and representation of the quality of the Hilti brand itself. We originally prepared the products for Hilti Hong Kong and Macau, but once other regional branches saw the products, they had to have them as well. We’ve since provided these products to Hilti Dubai, Australia, South Africa, China and Taiwan.

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