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RPET Felt Bag
Pernod Ricard

With our ECO RPETseries you can give useful promotional items and still care for the ecology. GivingPOST-CONSUMER PLASTIC BOTTLES a positive future constructing into a custom bag.Fabric is certified by GRS – Global Recycled Standard

Our Premium RPETfelt bags are constructed with 100% Recycled plastic bottles.

Each bag is madefrom 27 discarded water bottles

From rPET we cancreate almost any textile from fabrics for clothes to bags, pouches, umbrellas,towels, caps, lanyards, portfolio, journals… etc


WHY choose rPET?

Energy: Recycling saves 75% on fossil fuels during production

CO2 :  70% of Plastic is made frompetroleum. Recycled plasticproducts save on these raw materials & reduce CO2emissions.

Water:  Recycled PET plastic uses 90%less water than regular PET. Plus, recycledplastic bottles don’t end up in the ocean.

Re-use: Everyday millions of plastic bottles are thrown away.

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