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Silicone Straw
Adan Concept

A great opportunity at the WWF Eco Fair to showcase our #GoGREEN inspirations and promote our One LessStraw campaign. Reusable Silicone Straws were handed out to attending guests in our continuing our mission to spread awareness on one time use plastics.

This reusable straw is constructed with 100% Silicone – FDA approved and ISO/SGS certified. Straw color can be pantone matched to any color of your choice to match your brand!

The UN published are port stating that plastic pollution is now one of the largest environmental threats to humans and animals globally. 500,000,000 plastic straws are disposedDAILY in the USA alone. The costs to our environment for the cleanup effort sand to vulnerable animals who ingest them is astronomical. Our pledge aims to persuade the public to reduce and, eventually, stop their need of plastic straws. Together we can make a difference.

Change needs to start somewhere. Together we can make a difference.

It all comes down to habit. Please join us on the NO straw movement

Save the planet. ONE SIP AT A TIME. Be Straw Free.

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