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Eco-Friendly Cork Cover Notebook

The A5 notebook with cork skin cover is made of fancy recycled paper. The original gift idea was to incorporate with eco elements in promotional notebooks to be sold in their restaurant that match their sustainable brand image. Cork is a versatile fabric made from thin cork shavings of the bark of cork oak trees. Much of the production is hand crafted. Not only is cork durable as leather and soft as fabric, it embodies quality functionalities over traditional paper covers such as water and stain resistance as well as dust, dirt and grease repellent, making the notebook long lasting and clean. The cork covering is soft to the touch and pleasant to the view, without a doubt a premium and environmentally friendly gift material. We use Kraft paper to wrap the cork cover notebook because it is a unbleached, biodegradable, recyclable bio-material, making it a perfectly sustainable gift wrapping paper. HOME offers healthy vegetarian cuisine made fresh daily using organic ingredients from local farms that appeal to everyone, with an aim to balance mind and body. They offer vegan, gluten free and raw options, including healthy desserts and organic cocktails. We enjoyed working with HOME since they’re committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle, lower carbon footprint and preserve our planet’s fresh water supply through a plant-based menu, mindful ingredient sourcing, eco-friendly packaging and practices. In addition, they are living proof that vegetarian dishes do not come at the price of sacrificing nutritional values, flavour and texture.

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