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Recycled Cardboard Hanger & Eco Hotel Supplies
East Hong Kong

It was another exciting eco project to work on with an environmentally-conscious business like East Hong Kong. We took the challenge to greenify some of the hotel amenities and giveaway items for hotel guests. We started from the most ordinary things each hotel guest would use and came up with the sustainable and educative idea of Recycled Cardboard Hangers. Not only are they nice and firm as common ones, these eco hangers give a stunning impression to staff and guests alike about the sustainable brand identity of the world-class hotel. From dyes to adhesives, we source only recycled materials to produce these durable and eco-friendly hangers. The 100% recycled cardboard hangers are custom made from vegetable dyes and natural adhesives. East Hong Kong cares about our environment as passionately as we do. The cork-covered notebook that we created for them is produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree, where the bark can regenerate itself and live for many generations. Also, the paper of notebook is made from acid-free and chlorine-free recycled paper.

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